You’ve Reached Your Destination!

Hey There!

You’re probably wondering what Thamani is, where it is and are searching google maps to get there. Don’t worry, I’ll show you around.
In life, we often let our insecurities make decisions for us. We decide that we aren’t adequate enough for what our hearts desire. Unfortunately, for most of my life, I made a home for myself there. Until Thamani gently knocked at my door.
Thamani, meaning worth or value in Swahili, taught me my areas of anguish were God’s lovingly placed trademarks. Trading in my burdens for a crown, I made the decision to define myself by what I am, instead of what I am not.
No maps are needed to reach Thamani, just an open mind and a willing heart.
Thank you for joining me as I face my fears, feel, heal and love. I pray I inspire you to do the same.
Grab your pjs and your favorite ice cream and settle in!
Welcome To Thamani.